The Power of Home Staging: Why It Pays to Stage Your House Before Selling

7/1/20232 min read

You've decided to sell your house. You've picked an agent, decluttered, and made minor repairs. But is your home truly ready to go on the market? Staging your house before listing it for sale can make a huge difference in how quickly it sells and for how much. Here are some of the top benefits of staging:

It Makes a Great First Impression

The first impression of your home sets the tone for potential buyers. When a home is staged, it welcomes visitors in with décor and furnishings that feel fresh and inviting. Staging minimizes clutter and makes the space feel open. It directs the buyer's eye to your home's best features. Even virtual tours will come across better when a home is staged. That great first impression could be the difference between a buyer putting in an offer or moving on.

It Helps the Home Showcase Its Full Potential

An unstaged home often looks smaller and darker than it really is. The right staging opens up the space and showcases the home's full square footage. Clever furnishings like transparent chairs and leggy couches maintain an airy, spacious feel. Staging professionals are experts at using color, lighting and furniture arrangements to help a home put its best foot forward. Your house will simply show better when properly staged.

It Appeals to More Buyers

Neutral décor means the home appeals to the widest range of buyers. Personal knickknacks and ornate furnishings can distract or turn certain buyers off. Staging a home with neutral décor and minimal personal artifacts helps buyers picture the space as their own. With staging, you attract more potential buyers who can see themselves living in the home.

It Can Help the Home Sell Faster

Houses that are staged correctly tend to sell faster. This makes staging well worth the investment for many sellers. Homes that need minimal work show well and sell quickly in most markets. You want buyers to walk in and fall in love. Professional staging is designed to create that reaction. The quicker a properly staged home sells, the less time the seller has to pay the mortgage, taxes and upkeep.

It Often Yields a Higher Sale Price

Staging isn't just about attracting more buyers. It's about getting them excited to buy. Excited buyers are willing to pay more. Staging makes people fall in love with a house and visualize a life there. By having the home staged, you increase the chances of buyers getting into a bidding war over your property. Your agent will appreciate your efforts to make the home sell faster and for more money. Proper staging can result in recouping double the cost of the service.

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