This service is ideally the final action before capturing the marketing visuals. Any enhancements to the property such as painting, fixture replacements, new flooring installation, etc., as well as thorough cleaning, will need to be concluded before initiating the photo preparation process.

In this service styling refers to the possible reconfiguration of furniture arrangements, the repositioning of artworks, the rearrangement of items on bookshelves, countertops, and other surfaces, as well as the presentation of styled bedding. It's important to clarify that our service does not encompass cleaning, repairs, modifications to the fixed finishes or fixtures within the home, or the removal of any belongings owned by the homeowners. Ensure that all required repairs, packing, and cleaning are completed before our scheduled photography preparation session. If necessary, we can recommend service providers to assist with these tasks.

Occupied Staging: Your Furnishings Styled

Preparation for professional photographs