Per Room Home Staging

"Per Room Staging" is an extension of our existing "The Essentials" and "Premium Home Staging" packages, designed to provide a more comprehensive and appealing transformation of your living spaces. This service enhances all the fundamental elements required to turn your home into an inviting and captivating environment. What sets "Per Room Staging" apart is its focus on rooms not covered in our foundational packages. You have the option to add any of the following spaces to your existing package: the patio, game room, media room, secondary bedroom, secondary bathroom, and a second living or family room.

These spaces are often significant in shaping a potential buyer's perception of your home and its potential. For instance, the patio is recognized as an essential outdoor area that deserves careful attention in creating an inviting outdoor oasis. Similarly, the game room, media room, and secondary bedroom are highlighted to showcase their specific utility and versatility. Even secondary bathrooms receive special treatment to ensure they exude cleanliness and functionality. Lastly, second living or family rooms are staged to maximize their potential for relaxation and entertainment.

"Per Room Staging" encompasses a comprehensive selection of furnishings, décor, and accessories that work harmoniously to elevate each room's character. By embracing "Per Room Staging," you can significantly elevate your home's overall appeal and its desirability in the eyes of potential buyers.

Customize your home's story, one room at a time!