Home Staging Consultation: Good Things to Know

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8/22/20232 min read

If you're getting ready to sell your home, a consultation with a professional home stager is a smart first step. This initial meeting allows the stager to see your space and assess what's needed to maximize appeal and value for potential buyers.

What to Expect During the Consultation

The stager will walk through your entire home, room by room, to get a feel for the layout, flow, sizing, and your personal decor style. They will take plenty of notes and photos to refer back to. Be prepared for an objective, critical eye as they look for areas needing improvement. Some things they may suggest:

- Decluttering counters, surfaces, closets, drawers to streamline and neutralize

- Depersonalizing spaces by taking down family photos and memorabilia

- Repainting walls in neutral, modern colors

- Staging rooms for their intended use rather than how they are currently set up - Renting furniture to fill empty spaces or replace outdated pieces

- Deep cleaning carpets and window treatments

- Repairing cracks, touches up paint,tidying landscaping

The stager will also ask questions about your timeline, budget, must-have items, and goals for selling. This ensures they tailor staging recommendations to your specific needs. Be honest about how much you're willing to spend and what projects you're able to take on.

What to Prepare Before the Consultation

You want to make the most out of the time spent with the stager, so start gathering some key information ahead of time:

- Dates the home will be available for staging

- A list of furniture and decorative items you want to keep

- Your staging budget amount and willingness to rent furniture

- Your expected listing date and desired length the home will be on the market

- Access to all closets, cupboards, garage, attic, and other storage areas

- A list of any repairs needed, like carpet cleaning or broken appliances

Having this information helps the stager develop an accurate action plan and estimate for staging.

Questions to Ask the Home Stager

The consultation is also your chance to interview the stager and ensure they are the right fit. Important questions to ask:

- What's your design background and philosophy?

- Can you explain your different staging packages and pricing?

- Do you have liability insurance and workers compensation coverage?

- What type of ongoing support will you provide during and after staging?

- Can you share references from past staging clients?

Don't hesitate to ask plenty of questions to gain confidence they can meet your staging needs within your budget and timeline.

With an experienced home stager guiding you, you can better showcase your most valuable asset when it hits the real estate market. Use the consultation to align on a staging plan tailored to your home and goals.