Home Accents Staging: How to Make Your Room Shine.

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8/10/20232 min read

Welcome to our blog! We're so glad you stopped by. As professional home stagers, we know that the little details really make a difference when prepping a home to sell. The right accents and small upgrades can take a room from drab to fab, helping showcase it at its full potential. Read on for our top home staging tips using home accents to give any room a showroom shine!

Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting instantly impacts the ambiance of a space. Make sure each room has layers of illumination. Add lamps to dark corners or overhead fixtures to brighten things up. Install dimmers so you can control the mood. Use accent lighting to highlight architectural details or illuminate artwork. The goal is to make the lighting warm, inviting and flexible.

Rethink Existing Pieces

Take a fresh look at furniture or accessories you already own. Changing their position in a room or pairing them with new items can give them new life. Try different configurations until you find one that maximizes the room's flow and dimensions. Boldly go where the furniture hasn't gone before!

Introduce Color and Patterns

Color has a huge psychological impact. Paint walls a modern gray-beige or light blue to feel soothing and airy. Incorporate energetic hues like yellow in decor accents. Update tired furnishings with patterned pillows, throws and area rugs. Patterns and textures add visual interest.

Soft Touches Soften

Hard surfaces like tile, stone or concrete can make a home feel cold and echoey. Add in soft touches like pillows, blankets, curtains and area rugs. They enhance comfort and absorb sound. Place a plush throw at the foot of the bed. Toss pillows on the sofa. Drape breezy curtains. Just these simple changes make such a difference!

Show Off Your Style

Accent decor is your chance to showcase personal style. Are you drawn to modern, rustic, coastal or traditional look? Use accessories to bring your unique personality into the space. For a modern vibe try geometric prints and sleek metallic accents. For rustic, incorporate natural elements like wood, leather and greenery.

Scale Matters

When choosing accent pieces, make sure they are properly scaled for the room. Oversized items will overwhelm while undersized pieces get lost. A general rule is accent furniture should be 2/3 the size of main furnishings. Artwork should fit within the natural lines of the room, hung at eye level.

Edit Unsightly Areas

Home staging is also about minimizing eyesores or distractions. If the fireplace is dated, add a screen and decorate the mantel to draw attention upwards. Use furniture or curtains to hide unattractive views. Conceal exposed wiring or electronics inside attractive storage baskets. Every room has its trouble spots, so identify and edit them.

With strategic home accents and minor upgrades in these key areas, you can stage any space to truly shine. Good lighting, thoughtful furnishing arrangements, pops of color and personal touches turn houses into dream homes. For more home staging tips, contact us today and let your rooms dazzle!